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There’s a Herald in here somewhere Honest Gov!


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This was given to me it’s a Herald 1200 high compression engine and chassis and running gear. It’s called a JCMidge. The engine runs very nicely just an issue with the clutch and the front brakes. Some of you are going to say ahhhh! It’s kit car not for us but I say it’s a Herald that’s had some re bodying issues! It’s not going to pass the DVLA Iva test as the chassis has been cut off at the front so won’t be used on the highway, I have been looking at the possibility of restyling the body to make mor likes 1937 Triumph Scorpion  ! And use it as a show car if that doesn’t work then I could still use it as a  spares for my 13/60 which would be a shame as a lot of effort has gone into getting it this far Which ever way it goes it beats sitting around doing nowt !












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