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Herald 1.5 conversion problems

carlton x

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I have a 65 herald and I’m in the process of fitting the third 1.5 engine first two were midget engines and both had bottom end problems, so I found a low mileage 1.5 dolomite engine ,I fitted it without any problems , now when I tried to start it the starter motor wouldn’t properly engage the flywheel, me thinking it was the starter motor gone bad I got another one only to have the same problem at first it just hit the flywheel like the teeth were not lining up so I added 10 millimetres to the spacer which got it engaging but wouldn’t not turn the engine over quick enough to start it , I shipped the car off to a mechanic mate of mine and he is baffled but he does think the flywheel (which came with the engine is the wrong  one so won’t match up to the starter motor,the gearbox is from a spitfire non overdrive any ideas will be appreciated as I’m totally baffled cheers 

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Dolomite 1500 uses a unique starter, so ideally you need to swap the flywheel to one off a spit 1500 or possibly the midget one (But I have no midget knowledge)

Plan b is get a dolly 1500 starter. But that can be tricky.

Remember that the engines with iffy bottom ends may well be revived with a new set of bearings, an inspection will tell you, easy to do with the engine out.

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The Dolomite starter is a pre-engaged, quite different from the Herald/Spitfire "Bendix" type. The 1500 version has finer teeth than most, which is why the flywheel differs. I believe the Dolomite 1500 starters are rare, so it may prove easier to swap the flywheel, since you said you have some on "iffy" engines.

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