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Dolomite/2000/2500/Spitfire/Stag seat belts

A TR7 16V

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I'm finally sorting out the seat belts in my 73 mimosa Dolomite Sprint, and finding some problems.

What I want to fit is a pair of inertial real belts with one of the dual cassette centre blocks as fitted to at least some models in the ranges mentioned in the thread title, and shown here:


This one has red buttons (done them jokes) but some have black or white, and I've seen pictures of ones with white rather than black bodies.

The problem is to find a set of belts to fit. I have (or will have when delivered) a set of Mk2 2000/2500 static belts, which shows the shape of the buckle ends that fit:


But, as said, I want inertia reel ones.

I've also found some pictures of a Stag on line where there's one of these dual centre blocks, but with buckles with two smaller holes. The original, "no longer available" - and I didn't want to spend that much anyway - ones on Rimmer's Stag page look the same.

I've had one of the dual blocks to bits, and it looks like the same block will work with either buckle end. Incidentally, it was a lot easier to take the block apart than it was to put it back together again.

There are also some pictures of early Dolomite Sprint and Spitfire seat belts with these single large hole buckles on a different, much coarser weave belt. But I think I'm happier with the finer weave, like the ones above and the latter Sprint ones below.My current plan is to get a set of slightly later Sprint seat belts and have someone good with an industrial sewing machine swap the short extensions with the plastic cuffs over. These are what I'm looking at, which have similar extensions but with different shaped buckle ends.


But before I do something drastic, is there anyone who knows about these types of seat belts and might point me at a source of inertia reel sets with the right buckle ends to go in one of these dual centre blocks? Or even, is there someone that's been down this or a parallel path and has a better answer?


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On 15/05/2023 at 22:11, A TR7 16V said:

might point me at a source of inertia reel sets with the right buckle ends to go in one of these dual centre blocks?

I think you'll really struggle there, but am often wrong!

My 1300fwd and Spitfire both came with Britax static belts, which have the earlier large-hole buckle. I took the 1300fwd to QuickFit SBS in north London (since moved to Bucks) and paid them a vast sum to swap the original buckles onto inertia reels with new webbing.

The result is nice but I wasn't overly impressed with the cost, so for the Spitfire I bought a pair of new Securon inertia reel belts, and cut & re-stitched the webbing to put my old fashioned Britax buckles on. I'm not recommending anyone else follow my reckless example but it didn't require an industrial sewing machine. Just some quality nylon twine, a good darning needle and a thimble. I copied the original stitch pattern.

Good luck whatever you end up doing. 


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I'm getting a later Dolomite inertia reel set for parts. So I'm thinking of unstitching the eye plate at the end that goes between the inertia reel and the mounting on the inside of the sill, threading the webbing through the buckle extension that fits the earlier buckle block, and having it re-stitched.

But I also want to look at modifying the lock plates in the earlier buckle block to match the ends of the later inertia reels sets, or look at swapping the lock plates if they will. I know I can take the earlier blocks apart and put them back together again.


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I'm not sure that there were both types. The only evidence I have is that Rimmers show an inertia reel set for the Stag, though it's NLA - but Rimmers also list inlet valve rocker arms (UKC794) for Dolomite Sprints -; Mike Barker's pictures of the Dolomite Sprint he did a rather nice restoration on, VA969DL, show inertia reel ones too; and one of the Dolomite Club guys that seems to know his stuff, reckons there were both static and inertia reel belts fitted to the early Dolomites.

The NLA ones Rimmers show are a bit different, with finer weave belts, red buttons, buckles with two holes, which I think will fit the lock plates in the sets I have, and no cuffs on the extensions from belt to buckle. But I think they are just a later style.

But it is possible I am re-creating something that wasn't fitted. Still, I do want inertia reel belts not static, and would like the right double block between the seats. So it looks like a mash-up is what I have to have.

"Quickfit SBS" being the ones Pete paid a "vast sum to"? I reckon I'll see if I can do it myself or find an upholsterer that will, when I have all the bits I want to mash - a cheep, NVG, part set of 2000/2500 static belts turned up on eBay while I was sorting out the spare set of later Dolomite inertia reel ones. And I'd rather cut up an NVG set than a good one.

Only question I have to resolve is whether to have black or red buttons.




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I have, sort of, solved the problem, and got an inertia reel set with the plastic extensions to the buckle and the dual centre buckle block.

The static belts from the 2000's come with an adjuster that is permanently fixed to the section of webbing with an eye at the other end that will bolt behind the inertia reel itself - with the same type of spacer that goes behind the hanger at the top of the B post. So I cut off the equivalent eye (actually, unstitched) from the inertia reel belt, slipped the extension piece and stop bar from the static belt onto that, and used the adjuster from the static to join that to the lower section of static belt webbing. As that join is exactly as it was in the static belt, I assume the result will be as strong as they were. 

So the result has an extra adjuster that isn't needed, and isn't the same course weave webbing as the early Dolomite Sprints, but I could have used a modern Securon for the inertia reel and webbing, which come in grey. I have yet to fix the free end in the plastic slider, but that's just riveted, and I reckon blind/pop rivets will do there.

The first attached picture shows the extra adjuster that's joining the different belt pieces, and the second shows the extension piece plugged into the buckle block.





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Interesting i have just changed from the dual socket seatbelt mount to individual one so that i can fit a TRR Centre console in the Stag and as Richard say they are white buttons.... One of the other reasons i changed them as they are getting on for 50 years old and i wanted something that was a bit newer..... You never know when you need them!

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