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Tr7 headlights

Colin Cutts

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Hi Colin

It is very posible to have LED bulbs in 7" headlights in TR7, 7v8,TR8.  But as, I believe, the TR7 came with 7" Lucas sealed beam units those lights/bulbs cannot be converted to LED.  Therefore you would have to obtain a pair of 7" H4 bulb compatible headlights and LED bulbs. This is not difficult and the difference it will make to your night vision will be like night and day. Here's what to do....

Go to https://www.classiccarleds.co.uk/products/triumph-tr7-tr8-led-bulb-upgrade-kit and have a browse.  Decide what brightness of bulb you want: cold white or warm white.  Warm white will be similar to halogen, but brighter, cold light will be like modern car light colour (6,000K). The kits will offer bulbs for exterior, interior or whole car. If you only want headlights go to https://www.classiccarleds.co.uk/collections/headlight-led-bulbs/products/pair-of-warm-white-led-headlights-h4-hi-lo-beam-conversion-9-32v-excellent-beam-pattern  Here you will find replica Lucas 7" headlights and H4 LED bulbs only.

I recommend you phone them and ask for Duncan. 0800 246 5678 and discuss your requirements with him.  

I have 5 cars equiped with lights and bulbs I have bought from Classic Car LEDs and I am completely satisfied that they have excellent products that are also excellent value.


What I have said here applies to all cars with 7" headlights. They also sell replacement Lucas 5 3/4 " headlight sets, but as yet not with LED bulbs.


Cheers, Chris



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if your car is fitted with the standard headlamp flash unit needs a simple modification or it won't work ! A single 6.8 ohm 50W resistor must be (available from RS Components for less than 10 pounds) connected between the dip headlight feed & earth.

This provides the earth connection for the Pektronic flasher unit which is earthed through the headlamp.


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