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Windscreen wiper motor speeds


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Hi all,

Any ideas why my (Spitfire 1500) windscreen wipers seem to move at the same speed when on both settings? It all seems to work correctly but both speed settings are the same. There seems to be 5 connectors to the motor, on for each speed, one for 'single wipe', one for constant 12v, and one for earth. I'm not sure how it works but it doesn't look like it has different gearings.

Any thoughts?




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There is slow and very slow. I took all the screw gear out and oiled it added new wiper gears boxes which made all the difference.  I can now make out the different speeds but nothing to wright home about. 

I was yesterday driving in heavy rain and they worked very well with silicone blades.


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Not exactly sure on the Spitfire unit but assume its very similar to the last GT6 one with the power sent by the switch to a different carbon brush in the motor for each speed. The first thing I would check is that this is actually happening so selecting slow speed puts 12v to one connection and then selecting fast changes the 12v to the other....

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