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Bonnet restoration


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I need to do some patching of my '62 vitesse bonnet mainly around the indicator areas (incuding the section behind) and that lead me to the thought of a complete bonnet restoration involving having it sandblasted. Is this a good idea - could it potentially do more damage? The outside I could alternatively strip with nitromores but getting the inside stripped esp as its covered with flaking underseal would be very tough.

Would appreciate anyones thoughts and if it is worthwhile the sort of costs involved?

Cheers Gavin

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Hi Gavin,
As with all processes, there are pros and cons. Biggest risk is the damage which can be done in the hands of an inexperienced blast cleaner. I have seen a TR7 bodyshell turned into scrap metal with every panel rippled. The other limitation is that any blasting process won't remove rust which is within seams.
Not something I've tried myself, but chemical dipping can produce excellent results. Fairly self explanatory, the parts ar supended in a big tank of chemicals which remove all paint, rust, filler etc. The big advantage is that the chemicals will penetrate the seams. On the negative, I have heard tales of panels being "forgotten" by the operator, they will eventually be completely dissolved........

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