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Spitfire mk3 hood


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Could someone help me with a dimension regarding a MK3 hood. I am building a Hurricane based on a Mk3 and would like conformation of the dimension around the rear upstand from B post to B post at the junction between the rear deck and the upstand for the hood poppers.  I have an old hood but when I tried to fit the hood the length of the rear bottom edge was too short by about 30mm in total ie 15mm each side even after leaving it for a few days in the warm. I am trying to establish if its a bad hood or the rear upstand in the GRP is oversized. The dimension I have is 1842mm
ta Kevin

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Hi Kevin - I'm not sure exactly where you're measuring from and to, but mine is:

1743mm measured from the centre of the fixed hood stud that is fixed through the alloy capping on the B post to the same point on the other side.  It was measured on the reardeck at the point at which the upstand begins.

Or, 1725mm measured to and from as above, but at a level which runs through the centre of each fixed hood stud, not at deck level.  The "lost" 18mm is because the upstand is not vertical on the Spitfire, but at a sloping angle.

My studs are fixed in the original holes so should be pretty accurate.  Let me know if you want anything else measured, or pictures.


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Thanks for reply your dimension looks to be be the same as mine as I have 50mm from the popper to the B post (the flat that the lock keep fixes on) that I was measuring to so 50 +50 + 1743 = 1843. Mine was 1842. I must have a rubbish hood. Any thoughts on a good hood supplier? I been in contact with Prestige Hoods but service so far very very poor 1st email not answered 2nd email after phone call said sorry they will get back to me over a week later still no contact, they obvious do not want my money.

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