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I am wanting to order the hood for my resto but don't know which to order.  I see there are many different ones available but wondered what  they were like.  The expensive mohair one sounds tempting but are they better or last longer than a duck one?   Are the expensive ones thicker and therefore harder to put up and down therefore more prone to damage.  Also which material is least prone to stretching or shrinking?

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I've got a Mohair hood fitted, it's lasting well and folds down just like a Vinyl hood.

The worst thing about Herald/Vitesse Hoods is the Quarter Light Windows split after so long :-/

You have to be carefull when folding them, more so when it's cold!

Mine are Ok at the Mo, but have a few crease marks and will split eventually :(

I Got mine from the Don Hood Company at Erdington in Birmingham, they've been going for years and also offer a fitting service too.



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The 1/4 lights are the reason I went mohair. I don't think it's correct for these cars - a view not everyone agrees with! But other than getting a vinyl hood with stitched windows made up for similar costs it was the only option. I also got mine from Don's and cost almost as much as my Mazda! ;D

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