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Fibreglass considerations.


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I've been pretty unwell since Saturday and stuck in bed since Thursday so thought I'd try and be productive and replace the broken wheel studs from the RBRR. Bit of a mistake as it turns out,  for two reasons;

1 - I'm now back in bed

2 - I've found yet another rust hole


Annoying as it's not like the car is 55+ years old, sits outside all year and coverd about 2300 miles last year...


Anyhoo, it leaves me considering fibreglass options again.


Years ago I fancied a Sammio but I'm not overly keen on the proportions. But for a while now I've been keeping an eye on the Formosa. Two issues (again);

1 - it'd mean no more RBRR for this car due to no roof

2 - my engine is about 6 inches further back than standard so there may be packaging issues.


What are peoples thoughts or experiences? I'm done with a welding session each year but I don't want to recycle the car either! 

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