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SOLEX B30 PSEI carb on a Herald 1200


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Hello everyone,

I'm currently stripping, cleaning and servicing the above carburettor, I've laid everything out on my bench ensuring nothing goes amiss, however I appear to be missing the non return ball and for sure it never came out.

I've double checked the pump jet pathway but cannot see it lodged in there, but I did notice that the pump jet had been crimped slightly.

I've attached some photos so you can see the component so my question is?

If indeed the ball is missing where do I get a replacement from?

Has somebody in the past crimped the pump jet? or is this normal? 


Thanks everyone






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I've had a look and its difficult to tell, initially I only took out the sealing ring. So maybe its just this.

Thanks for the response

Much appreciated.


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The ball (theres another one in the inlet to the accelerator pump) act as non return valves to ensure fuel always gets pumped in one direction (out of the nozzle) however has said nozzle goes quite high maybe the second ball isnt needed. You could test it when the carb is assembled by getting fuel into the float chamber and manually seeing how efficiently the accelerator pump works...

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