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Rusting chrome


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Cheap remedy is coke and rub with aluminium foil if they get that far.

Otherwise a mild polish. Best bet is to protect with a spray of wax protection (ie waxoil or similar) and remove when you want the car to look pretty.

Otherwise a rechrome is in order, but that is a tad extreme

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Hi Bruce,

the fact that you can see rust spots means that the steel under the chrome is now rusty and will not go away.

The Chrome surface is not a continuous sheet of metal but is made up of little islands - you can;t see the joins.

This is how the water/moisture gets to the steel. In theory the copper/nickel layers under the Chrome should stop this but as time goes by the water will get passed.

Can it be fixed - the only proper fix is to remove the Chrome and start again.

You can clean and polish for a temporary fix. Autosol metal polish will clean it.

Then apply Autoglym polish to seal it.

Do this regularly. If you get caught in the rain make sure you clean/dry the chrome when you get home and reapply the Autoglym.



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