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The cost of fuel is becoming an increasing proportion of total 10CR costs from one event to the next. For newcomers my advice is to do a little Internet research on current prices in the various countries to be visited. This will immediately reveal that  it is best to avoid filling up in Italy or the Netherlands if possible. Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein are the best bets. Be aware that fuel prices are at a huge premium on French autoroutes, it is definitely worthwhile to detour to a supermarket e.g. Carrefour, Le Clerc etc. where Super 98 unleaded can be up to 20 cents a litre lower than on the motorway and the equivalent of at least 5 pence per litre lower than the current UK price.

I suggest you pre-plan fuel stops by studying the route in relation to the known range of your car (better to be pessimistic). If you look on www.prix-carburants.gouv.fr you will find a list of French petrol stations in your chosen area with current prices updated almost daily, You will also be able to see which stations offer a 24-hour service. Chip and pin credit cards are now almost universally accepted. Another helpful site is www.carbeo.com This has the advantage of listing stations in Luxembourg and Belgium in addition to France and you can search by town name, it is also updated almost daily.

Hope this helps.


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Note here for my American Friends!

As we do not yet use "Chips" in our credit cards, I recommend each of you get at least one per car.  All night filling stations are not maned!  They only accept cards with the "chips".   Visa cards can be had, all you need is to call the number on the back of the card.  Some Master Charge cards are not yet able to provide the chip. I do not know if Discover cards have them or not of if anyone outside of the US will take one.  Diners Club, Carte Blanch and the like are a thing of the past.

BEWARE!  A lot of merchants in England and Europe, WILL NOT accept any form of a American Express card!  The fees AE charges to them is tooooooo High.

Our first time in Italy, we found a all night station, It took cash (Euros)  the stand where you put in the money was across the isle form the pumps.  All info in Italian only. Took some time to figure what buttons to push to activate what pump!  

Also beware!  Pump handles are green overtheir for gas.  Be very you never put Diesel in your car.

To my English friends, All and only Diesel pump handles are Green overhere.

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The other option for our American friends is to try to arrive at a filling station at the same time as a UK crew and then pay them the cash to pursuade them fill up on their credit cards.

Has been used in teh past by getting French motorists to fill up on their cards before the UK Chipp and Pin cards were accepted abroad.



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