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TRGB Blyton Park Track Day: March 2014


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On Friday 14th March 2014 TRGB are organising a track day at BLYTON PARK near Gainsborough Lincs. This is a fantastic chance to get the most out of your car combined with a social day out.

Most of the track has massive run off areas and is probably the safest track I have even been on. It is a great way to improve your driving skills and appraise your car in a safe environment. If you have never done a track day before, don’t worry, we will be on hand to answer any questions, and it is just as much a social event as it is about driving. The day will mainly be Triumphs but there will be other cars present. It is not a race, you go round the track at your own speed, if you catch someone up, they allow you past, and if someone catches you up you let them past, so you can overtake in a safe manner - but you are NOT allowed to race. Full pre track briefing will be given.

Although desirable you do not HAVE to have a roll bar, but you ARE required to wear seat belts and a crash helmet, and so is your passenger, There are normally a few spare ones but do please try to bring one. Your car should be in a safe mechanical condition, no dripping oil or water leaks - certainly to mot standard or beyond. No wrecks please! Hand held video cameras are not permitted, if you want to video it must be car mounted.
If you would like further advice on sensible prep work please contact TRGB.
Full catering facilities are available. The track is fully marshalled.

The price for a FULL DAY is £120 per car (including vat) with an additional £30 per extra driver (including vat) So if you have 2 people per car it works out at £75.00 each There is plenty of time, you will not want to drive all day (and neither will your car!)
A NON REFUNDABLE £60 deposit per car is payable and a £15 deposit per additional driver. Payment must be made to TRGB LTD. You can call and pay by credit or debit card. 01487 842168 Places are limited, please try to book AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. For more about Blyton Park go to


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