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This is another test type event being run under a Targa permit. It is on the 11th of July again in the beautiful North East, entry fee is £95 which includes lunch and meal at the finish for both crew members.

The start and finish venue is a good one that I know quite well it is a local Micro Brewery, about 5 or 6 mins from my house.

This is a link to the event website which has links for the regs and the online entry system


I've just put an entry in today, doing it in the TR7

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Well I'm starting car 21 out of 24 and the only Triumph entered

Entry list

1     John Bertram     Louise Whitelaw     Ford     Escort     Blue     1600     HE
2     Andy Beaumont     Andrew Fish     Sunbeam     Rapier H120     Green (and orange)     1725     HE
3     Dan Robinson     Mick Welford     Ford     Escort RS2000     Green     1993     HN
4     Simon Jennings     Clive White     Peugeot     106     Red     1598     ME
5     Douglas Humphrey     Peter Humphrey     Austin     Mini Cooper     Red/White     1293     HE
6     Quentin James     Tom Howe     Citroen     C2 GT     Red     1587     ME
7     Peter Metcalfe     Ian Marsden     Austin     Mini     Green     1275     HE
8     Ian Dixon     Richard Welsh     MG     BGT     Dark green     1790     HE
9     Ernest Calvert     Bryan Smith     MG     B Roadster     Red \ White     1950     HE
10     Richard Holdsworth     Peter Burford     Ford     Cortina GT     Red     1500     HE
11     Joe Harwood     David Lumsden     Subaru     Impreza Sport     Green     2000     ME
12     Geoff Bateman     Maggy Bateman     Peugeot     205 GTi     White     1904     ME
13     Stuart Bankier     Siobhan Bankier     Mazda     MX5     Silver     1597     ME
14     David Smith     Stephen Smith     BMW     2002          2000     HN
15     Gordon Craigs     Ben Craigs     MG     B     Green     1800     HN
16     Liam Charlton     Geoff Fletcher     Ford     Puma     Green     1700     ME
17     Alan Hawdon     Lynn Hawdon     Peugeot     205 Gti     White     1580     ME
18     Nicholas Grasse     Judith Grasse     Lancia     Fulvia coupe     Red     1597     HE
19     George Harrison     Graham Hall     Proton     Persona Compact     BLUE     1834     ME
20     John Reed     Chris McGough     Mazda     Mx5     Blue     1800     MN
21     Stuart Wilson     Sam Colman     Triumph     TR7     Yellow     1998     HN
22     Keith Proudfoot     Richard Jewers     Austin Mini     Mayfair     White/Black     1275     MN
23     Ian Guthrie     Roy Hewitt     Ford     Anglia     Blue     1498     HN
24     Mark Lewis     Doug Carmichael     Morris     Mini Clubman     Damask Red     998     HN

HE - Historic expert
HN - Historic novice
ME - Modern expert
MN - Modern novice

As you can see there is a good mix of cars taking part

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Have to say we had a great day yesterday doing this event, all but one of the tests were good. Luckily the one bad one was only used once, I understand why they used it as the organisers lost 2 or 3 test venues in the last couple of weeks so had a bit of a panic trying to find some more.

The TR ran well all day, Sam in the left hand seat kept me right on all the tests, fair enough she didn't have to do much navigating on the road sections as once I knew where the test venues were I knew the routes to get there.

We finished 14th overall and 3rd in the class, happy with that.

I'd highly recommend people to come and try this event next time

I'll do a full report to send in to Dale for inclusion in club mag

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