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Brake master cylinder

Perfect 65

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Having got my master cylinder brackets switched and put back in the right place, I have been looking at the brake master cylinder and thinking how odd it looks being a fair bit larger in the reservoir and not laid back like the clutch cylinder. I am wondering if this is the right one. I looked on ebay and some sellers are showing a laid back cylinder for the brake but it is the small reservoir much the same if not identical to the clutch version. Both my master cylinders are 5/8" bore. I have drums all round so I probably dont need the larger reservoir.  I am thinking about getting one of the laid back master cylinders for my brake system as it would look much better and I assume it will be safer if the reservoir is upright like the clutch cylinder. Has anyone here got an opinion on this? -  Dave

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Not sure Dave. In my case, the brake and clutch masters were at the same angle, with the brake one being taller. Around these parts, the taller original one is not available and we're to use the clutch master in both applications. I could have bought a rebuild kit for the original, but though I've done that before, just wanted new to "bolt-n-go" so to speak.
Still had to bend my own new pipe for it, since the old one was pretty well thrashed, but that worked out well.

With the brackets, I wonder if there is a difference for a left-hand drive car like this one? Still a '65, so the same year as yours, but if right-hand drive, is it possible there is a variation there?

Good luck sorting it all out. I think I prefer having a larger reservoir for the brakes, but like the look of both being the same size.



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Thanks Paul, thats re-assuring. I think a new brake master same as the clutch will look good and will save me having to rebuild the old apparently incorrect item. So many nasties with this car - I noticed also the previous owner had re-built(?) the cylinders and the grease around the push rod looks like wheel bearing grease to me - not the red silicon based stuff usually included in the kits. I think the silicon grease used by plumbers is the same as the Girling stuff without the red dye. I saw a master cylinder extension listed in one of the catalogues - possibly Canleys but also said no longer available. I think I will stick with two nicely paired cylinders. Thanks again. Dave

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