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Heater Blower Repair (yes it works)


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Like many of you I had a heater blower with one speed setting, here is my instructional repair;


First off you need to get the offending part out, yes sorry its a dashboard out moment please read your workshop manual for this. The item is located on top of the heater unit at rear under the thick cable. It unclips so no screw driver is required. The following picture is where the item resides.


Undo the connectors and remove the wire noting original installation, a plug on the top of the heater, two wires from the heater and 4 wires from the control lever bottom right.

Now the offending item is the Otter Switch labelled G6d. My problem was where to source one, Ebay was selling them for over £30 each. I figured there was a large profit on this. I emailed Otter controls and asked them they had a minimum order of £250, again i didnt want this option. But they were very helpful and put me on to the Rover SD1 club who sold the switch for £16 delivered. I guessed there are so many similarities between the two cars this would do. I did have some numbers on the side of my switch but Otter told me they are a build date of June 1981 and rated for 110C . So I learnt my car is a really late build TR7. The part arrived in a couple of days



Next to set about the old unit , it was a case of unsoldering and drilling out the rivets, and then soldering and rivettin

g a 2.4mm rivett mine was 6mm long and could have done with being 10mm but it held firm so i wasnt too worried.


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And after replacement ,the switch is the exact same size as the original.


Replace your wiring, you will know if you get the three speed wires in the wrong order due to the fan speed, just swap them over to get the order correct. Make sure the black earth goes in the right spot which is on its on by the lever.


Reward yourself with a mug of tea.

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Very interesting because this is nothing like the diagram in the original 80 Triumph maintenance manual circuit drawing since the over temperature thermal switch is totally missing from their design as is the colours of the three speed wires.

I will update and republish my redrawn TR7 circuit diagram to include these details.




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