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Triumph Spitfire 1500 paint colour ?

Kevin R

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I have a 1980 Triumph Spitfire 1500 whose colour is specified on the original delivery invoice as being Porcelain White which is a pale creamy white.

I have also seen a few Spitfire 1500s on the triumph register listed as Porcelain White.

However, when I have looked at suppliers lists for Triumph paints, this colour is not listed.

I would be grateful if anyone could tell me if Porcelain White has an alternative name.

I realise that it would be wise to get the body scanned to get the the exact match but it would be useful to know the correct colour as a starting point or for the purpose of ordering touch up paint or spray cans etc.


Thank you 

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So a quick Google shows up:

Leyland White (also known as Ermine White or Porcelain White) BLVC 243, NMC/NME/NAF/NCG*


That would make sense - I had a W-reg Dolomite in NCG once upon a time. The 9734 is a Glasso code. I've also found a cross-reference to PPG 8347, on a TR7 page that splits NCG/NAF (porcelain) from NAF/NMC (Leyland) and NME (ermine)

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I also did some googling and found the reference to it being a TR7 colour which makes sense as my car is a late model.

I have got some spray cans of Leyland white that I obtained from a supplier. I ordered Porcelain White but was sent Leyland white which as we have now confirmed should be the same colour.

 I tried a very well mixed test spray on a piece of scrap but when it dried it was way too light -more like the colour of A4 printer paper rather than the pale creamy white on my car which is a warmer colour and does not look as stark.

I don't know if whites tend to darken with age or whether it was a poor batch of paint but my test spray did not match any part of the bodywork, internal or external. 

The car seems very original so I am not sure that it has been resprayed with a different shade.

It would be interesting to park bit next to another car in Ermine or Leyland White.

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