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Starts. Idles but no response to throttle

LEO 715P

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I have a 76 1500. 

Recently changed over to an electronic ignition including coil, dizzy, plugs and leads.

I've been struggling to get the engine to run smooth. In fact it's now seems to be a bag of *@*@.

I have been playing with the dizzy position to get a 750RPM idle with success but now a new problem... I can start, run then idle (lumpy) at 750RPM but should I press the accelerator I get nothing... No increase in revs or power. Stays at idle.

The mechs of carbs all seem to function as they should. No sticking of cable. 

The car will also go into extreme revs without warning. Sometimes almost to the red line. 

All that has changed is the ignition kit so I'm of course suspicious. 

Any tips, advice or laughs welcome. 



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OK, first off, you say you've played with the dizzy to get 750RPM. Why? Play with the dizzy to get the fastest idle you possibly can, then back off a little. Then further adjust the timing by driving on the road at 2000RPM full throttle and back the advance off until it stops pinking. Check it drives OK like that. Then  you can adjust the throttle stop to get the idle speed you want. Really. Idle speed is absolutely the last thing to set, and never by messing with anything that affects normal running.

That's not to say your EI unit isn't a pile of doodoos too. Why did you feel the need to change to it?

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