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Can anyone identify this axle casing please?

John Bonnett

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Nick_Jones wrote:
Not Dolomite / Toledo.  Lacks the brackets for the upper links.

I think it is a Ford "English" axle modified for extra links similar to this


Odd thing is Nick that the wheel stud pcd fits a Spitfire wheel.
The diff is stamped CD129H84 and it has a 4.11 ratio 37/9

The axle was on Ebay purporting to be Morris1000. I collected it from a scrapyard in Cornwall but didn't see the car it had come from. The chap told me that it was a nice car weighed in under the scrappage scheme so you can tell how long ago it was. When I saw it I said Ah anti tramp bars maybe from something special. I then noticed that the drive flanges were splined on. Uprated half shafts thought I. But having given the diff to a forum member to use as the basis of a rebuild for his A series BMC car he gave me the good news that it's not BMC so no good to him. He added that it's not Ford either. When I measured the stud pcd I thought it had to be Triumph. Quite a mystery.

ps I've just discovered that Marinas use 3.75"pcd studs but I thought they had A series diffs.

pps Wrong, they had a derivative of the Standard 10 so we are back to Triumph again or partially aren't we?

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Nick_Jones wrote:
Yes, Marinas have Triumph PCD.

Pretty sure that some Marinas at least use Triumph-like axles as IIRC the vans used to be a source of high ratio axles for the racing boys. Possibly a modified Marina axle then.


I think that has to be right Nick. Thank you for your help



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