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Hello and diff questions


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Hello, this is my first post.

After selling my 78 spitfire nine years ago ( birth of my first child ) I am now the proud owner of a 1965 1200 convertable.

I bought it knowing it needed work including some welding to the chassis around the diff area. The diff was leaking oil from all three seals so out it came which made it easier to weld the chassis as well. The chassis is welded so before I turn my mig gun to the rear tub (bored of welding for now!!!!!) I've opened the diff up and the gears look in good condition, no scores, chips etc, all the bearing feel smooth and free from play. The only thing I wanted to check with you was how much play is ok between the pinion and the crown gear? my pinion maybe moves 2 or 3 degrees of rotation back lash. I'm not fussed if it is out of factory spec I just want to know if a little slop is ok, I know they are a pig to set up requiring special tools and knowledge, I also know a lot of old machinery will run perfectly happily even if it out of spec.


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I don't do diffs, but know a man who does. He reckons the backlash between cw+p is rarely more than a tiny amount, most backlash is in the side thrust washers, and has to be really bad to cause an issue.
Please bear in mind that is what I think he said, but it does make sense.
So I would be happy to use it after a set of seals.

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cheers for that info Clive.

can your friend give an idea of how much play is ok, my gut feeling is that the diff is fine but if it requires attention i'd rather it was now whilst i have it out and apart.

I have a low mileage diff from a 13/60 which has less play between the crown wheel and pinion, sadly it has sat around for about 15yrs and the surfaces that were in contact with the seals on the two output shafts are corroded and would just eat the seals up in no time.  I thought i might be able to put my output shafts in it but they are smaller, it looks like Triumph beefed up the diff for the 13/60.

moral of the story......slap some grease on these surfaces if putting into storage!!!!

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