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Short answer, no and no!

No drain plug.

Best way to drain oil is to remove the diff and stand it on its nose in a bucket for a day! Or remove the back plate.

There may be a way to remove a quarter shaft from the casing by the 4 9/16th bolts by the inboard U/J, this may allow the oil to drain.

I have never drained the oil, just topped up, they usually leak so much that removing the oil is not a problem!

Top it up and forget it.

Don't forget to periodically check the top vent (cotter pin on the top of the casing) give it a wiggle to make sure its free. If it siezes, the diff case will pressurise and it will force the oil out past the seals.

If you do remove the diff, replace the diff nose oil seal. Costs about £10 and is well worth doing!

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Thanks Alan -- no real surprise re the lack of a drain plug :D

Need to have a look at the weekend -- the diff is starting to whine a bit which I suppose shouldn't be a surprise in a 30-year-old car with 74k on the clock that's suddenly gone from doing no more than 100 miles in the last five/six years to just over 1000 miles since the beginning of January :D

Will top it up at the weekend and have a good look round the back end at the same time.

At the moment top of the list of things that'll be getting done when the better weather and longer days are here is re-bush the entire suspension.

So far the engine and drivetrain are holding up really well -- runs off in search of some wood... ;D ;D

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Hi Bill,

I emptied mine by using an oil sucker - cost about £10 from my local factor. It took a while, but I was using a small diameter rubber tube so I could get it to the bottom of the casing.

I then stripped and cleaned the sucker and used it to refill the diff with clean fresh oil - easier than trying to use the container the oil comes in !


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However, the casing has the boss for a drain plug. So if you are having a diff rebuilt you can have one fitted.

You can do it with out stripping it down, with the back off the diff and some grease around the drill hole (if the CW & P are still in place). But you need to wash it all out 'carefully' to avoid contamination by swarf.

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[quote by=AlanChatterton link=Blah.pl?b=2000,m=1172130245,s=6 date=1172277852]2420DH 2.5PI.......................Mr Harvey, a pleasure to see you here!!!

(this guys 2.5pi is the dogs danglies.................!!)


here here, how the devil are you dave, its been a long time my friend ;D

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