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Repair Brake Master Cylinder


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I'm trying to get hold of a good condition 2000 MK1 Master cylinder. (single circuit)

Mine works perfectly but the servo pipe which for the last 50+ years has just touched and the top of the metal reservoir body and a little bit of damp has got between it and a little bit of movement its now got a pin hole leak. Had wondered if anyone had soldered one of these and would the silicone fluid be a problem even if cleaned off.

Or would silicone sealant seal against a surface open to silicone brake fluid?... are they compatible?

Its not a safety issue as its near the top of the rather tall early cylinder and to stop it leaking I've filled to below the pin hole and tie wrapped a piece of tyre inner tube over the hole.

Incidentally silicone brake fluid doesn't attack paintwork, however it does turn the paintwork purple. I now have a lilac inner wing... nice.

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