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Spitfire Clutch


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Could some please tell me how the clutch works on a Spitfire 1300?

The reason I ask is that ive got the 1300 engine a box and they will be going in a kit car and need to buy the parts to get the clutch working.

From memory its Clutch Pedal, attached to Master Cylinder, pipe from MS to Slave Cylinder, ????

Could some one tell me what comes after that?

Many thanks

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Perfect thankyou.
A spitfire pedal box might be a way around it. They sudgest you mount the Brake Master Cylinder unde the floor aka old Austins but this sounds stupid to me. So the complete pedal box will enable me to mount both Master cylinders in the engine bay which would be nice.

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What kit are you building? Some of the classic 1930s lookalike kits run into clearance problems because of the low bonnet line. A customer of mine needed some help with this as he had a Herald based Gentry, the replacement master cylinder he had wanted to come up through the top of the bonnet!
Having worked on Austin A35s, I would do anything to avoid an under-floor master cylinder,

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