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hi lads,decided to fit my new [to me] gearbox.it had been reconned a few years ago then left in storage till I bought it.thought I would replace seals as it had been standing also decided to do clutch assy.
pulled box out no worries ,opened bag with new seals in guess what wrong size[oh bugger]then removed clutch from car opened new clutch guess what different clutch.mine should have a spring clutch not a diaphragm clutch
but as it came from a proper classic dealer I thought it must fit .what a plonker,fitted it all in ,box up and in then realised clutch fork hit the back of the box before moving anything.so removed box ,clutch assy ,refitted old clutch all fine now but is there any way I can fit a diaphragm clutch,maybe different thrust bearing carrier/different clutch fork?need a quick reply if poss before I contact supplier.by the way its a 1600 vitesse.cheers tony. :(

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yes you have to fit the later 2 ltr throwout carrier,  there is also problems with some throwout bearings being only 15mm thick when design is 19mm thick all tis puts the lever in the wrong attidude for a good travel and the correct mechanical advantage ( lever 's and see saws)  the fork is std across the range so whats on the 1600 is fine providing the pins are sound,  
if you have a thin bearing you can improve the lever action by pulling the spherical ball out of the clutch hsg and adding a washer or two behind it to raise the pivot point and correct a lazy laid back lever

you can repair the pins with welded in cut down clevis pins, and if there's a wear point in the carrier groove remove the anti spin pin and drill a new hole somewhere else.  make sure the clevis and fork on the pedal are
sound and not worn a big oval hole and lots of lost travel.

all these small pionts make a world of difference

On mine we had to drill a new dowel location as the diaphragm and coiled have different dowel locations.


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thanks for the info pete,very helpful.i will get a carrier this week and do it all again next week.will have a go and put a couple of washers under ball [oh matron] as you suggested.just had to open hole out a couple of thou for the dowel
it was positioned ok.cheers tony :)

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thanks for the info pete,will get a 2l mk2 thrust bearing carrier next week and do it all over again.the dowel hole on mine lined up just had to file a couple of thou out to clear.i will slip a couple of washers under the ball just to edge my bets,thanks again ,tony. :)

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