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Identifying clutch


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I have a triumph herald based Midge special with a Triumph 1500 engine in it.
The problem I have is that it is noisy when I push the pedal down to the floor and
rightly or wrongly I have diagnosed it as a u/s thrust bearing.
But what I need to know, if possible, before I pull the engine out is which clutch am I liable to
find in there.
If there are different options and I need to wait until I do open it up,how can I tell then
which one it is? Are they a different diameter, or what?
Any help very gratefully received.
Thank you

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It depends which gearbox you have. My Midge uses the 3-rail gearbox from a Mk4 Spit mated to the 1500 engine by way of a 'special' driven plate to match the difference in the diameter of the 1500 flywheel and the splines of the 3-rail box. This driven plate is, I believe, easily obtainable from places like Canley Classics.(Go to their web site and check out clutch problems on their Information Database). If you have the standard 1500 gearbox, then as Bobbyspit says, it's a standard kit. The 3-rail gear-change layout puts reverse 'away and up' next to 1st. The single rail 1500 box is different. Prices can vary, I bought a complete kit for the conversion about 4yrs ago at Stoneleigh for less than £50.   Mark.

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Thanks for all your replies gents.
To assist me a little bit with identifying the box now, can some-one tell me where
reverse is on the standard 1200 Herald please as that is what I was led to believe
was in there.
The PO said he swapped the 1200 engine for a 1500 and I presumed he meant he
put it on the front of the existing Herald box.
Hopefully by the end of the weekend I'll have more idea what I do have if I'm
allowed enough time to pull the engine out.

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