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Wiring O/D MK3 Spit


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Hi All,

The time has come to wire up the D type overdrive on my mk3 spit, the switch is column mounted.

So far I have mounted the OD relay next to the horn relay in the battery tray, I have also replaced the switch on the gearbox.

I purchased the loom from paddocks shown below ( 147668 ), but not really sure where to start.

Any advice or pictures from you guys would be greatly appreciated.



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The MK3 wiring diagram is shown here at the top.


Don't get overly fussed about wire colours if something differs a bit, and the oblong shapes in the diagram are the bullet type connectors you have in the loom.

All you need to know really is that you put power and earth to the relay on C1 and W1 with larger wires,

C2 wires up to your OD solenoid

W2 wires up in series to your 3rd/4th gear switch on the gearbox, then onto your gearstick (wherever its mounted on the MK3) switch.

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Cheers Jamie,

Just managed to wire the thing up.

Ive got to wait untill its on the road to test it now.

Managed to find the gearbox part of the loom from a supplier called autosparks.

all the colours matched up and just bolted the earth ring terminal to the nearest bolt on the gearbox.

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