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GT6 Steering lock


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My old Vitesse was a Personal Export model that was exported to West Germany (As it was back then?) My car had a Nieman Steering lock fitted and I managed to pick up a N.O.S. one at an Auto-jumble.

I actually fitted it to a non steering lock outer lower column section which I had to drill in the Appropriate position.

I used the original inner Steering column which had been modified (Presumably at the Canley Factory?) by welding an outer sleeve on the column about 100mm long with a slot cut in it to suit the position of the Pip on the Steering lock.

I know the later Heralds/Vitesse's and presumably Spitfires/GT's from 1971 on had a different WASO type steering lock fitted, which I believe was because of new UK regulations insisting all new cars where fitted with Steering locks for 1971?

Hope the above makes sense, if not send me a PM.



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