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PAS steering rack play


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Hey guys,

Have just taken my car in for WOF (MOT) inspection and although it passed, it was noted that there was play in the rack end of the LHS track rod. It's a '74 Mk2 2.5PI with power steer.

Is this an adjustment issue, or is a rebuild preferable in this instance? It's something I'd prefer to sort out before it becomes an issue.

If the latter... could some of our NZ contributors please suggest some avenues to investigate with regards to getting a solution.

I do have a complete spare manual rack and associated parts...

Thanks, Rich

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There is a guy in Tauranga who rebuilds triumph P/S racks. Look on trademe for Henrystag from memory about $450ish for a fully rebuilt rack. This guy seems like a genuine expert. He also sets up and fettles PI stuff and has a lot of original factory service tools. I know he has a Churchill rear hub tool. His name is John Parker. I have his email if you want pm me.

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