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2000 Estate steering


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I am noticing some play with the steering wheel - moving up and down a bit. I've checked the steering wheel adjustment clamp, but that seems very tight, so I'm wondering whether I need to replace the steering column support bush? Does that make sense?

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5878 wrote:
Right, have ordered new support bush....is it hard to fit?

Yes and no,

Disconnect steering column wiring looms from multiplugs

Undo upper steering column UJ bolt in engine bay

Undo 2 bolts that hold column to dash, and the 2 bolts in the mounting that attaches to the bulkhead

Pull column out - usually its rusted in the UJ joint !

remove bush

insert new bush - these can be a pig as they are now poly - heat it in warm water helps

reverse proceedure !

what can go wrong - they are usually very tight in the new busk and hard to reinsert


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