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The steering wheel on the ragtop wasn't "on straight".

So, last night about 9.15PM I popped out (as you do), removed it and refitted it dtraight.

This morning I took the car out on my "test track" and to the local paper shop - MY GOD, the STEERING IS HEAVY.

Can refitting the steering wheel really have caused it? Any thoughts before I take another look this afternoon?

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Can you move the steering wheel backwards and forwards ?

Raider wrote:
Backing off the nut a couple of flats has made a big difference :-/

I'd say the steering wheel touches the ignition lock cowling. Had the same problem with 't Kreng when I replaced the heater matrix. While putting the cowling back in place I discovered quite a lot of dark grey dust on the inside. Closer inspection revealed quite a bit of wear on the top of the cowling where the steering wheel boss had rubbed along it ('t Kreng always had fairly heavy steering due to its front suspension setup so I didn't notice  :X)

To prevent this happening again I loosened all the bolts on the steering column and made it as long as possible before retightening them. Gave me approximately 5 mm of clearance.

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