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Making A Steering Wheel


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Had a PM from Joe who has been following my "Gifted a 13 60 Convertible" thread and has asked me for some measurements and close up photos of the wooden steering wheel as he would like to construct one.  

As there does not seem to be a facility to send photos with a private message I told him I would post up a new thread and then he could also benefit from input from other members who may be able to offer advice on such a task.

Measurements: Diameter 13”, rim width 7/8”
Diameter of spoke holes ¼”, 3/8”, ½”, 5/8”, ¾”.  Widest spoke 2”, narrowest ¾”
Square in centre boss is 1”.  alloy spokes 1/8” thick
Hub measures diameter 2 ¾” at base
dish 2”.  
middle 3” diameter.

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