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I am looking at replacing the Furflex around the door openings before the summer season starts and have a piece of new left from another job handy so thought I'd give it a go around the more 'bent' parts of the frame. 

Not the easiest thing to fit and indeed, not really secure - even after re-crushing it together with pliers after fitting.

Are there different types of this strip, perhaps more specific to the car as I don't want to get the wrong stuff - I see CW has some for sale but he hasn't got the correct colour on his site for my car...

The original product seems more flexible than the new one I have, especially around the 90 degree corners and more able to cope with the thicker sections at the base of the windows.

If anyone has any experience on this, it would be good to hear back with any hints!

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Hi Michael,

Thanks for that - I thought that might be the best way for the corners but didn't think about taking the steel section away for the other bits.

Seems a shame when the old one seems to fit everywhere in one piece - practice makes perfect on the production line I guess...!


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Just checking out a few options on line - Woolies version seems to be steel internally whilst BAS in Wales are rubber tubed - it's really not a cost issue on something like this, more that I want something that fits well all round the frame with the colour to match the original, which appears to have little in the way of steel internally compared to some of the photos on Woolies website for example...

It's one of the first things people see when they open the door so it has to be right!!


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