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putting new front shocks in


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Hi all have replaced my front shocks and am looking at how I reassemble the suspension and reattach the struts to the front hubs.  Seems the only way is to compress the springs right down and then reattach the bottom end to the strut.  Have tried compressing the spring using the trolley track but the car is not heavy enought to compress the spring sufficienty.  So back out with the spring compressors then.

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Should i need to be using spring compressors to do this?  I found that my spring compressors wouldnt ccompres the spring/shock to the point where it came any where near the 4 mounting points on the hub assembly.  bigger job than I thought it would be - but then am used to working on a Hillman Imp.. So in the end got a mobile mechanic to do it.

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I do, just did mine again, you don't need to compress them too much but you need to handle the whole assembly firmly. I compress the spring a little with the unit off the car (you might get away with not compressing but I feel it makes it easier). Throw the whole unit up and loosely attach the three strut top nuts. Then man handle the strut leg roughly into position. I then use a trolley or scissor jack on the hub which will bring it there or there abouts in line with the four stud holes, you can stick a screw driver down the stud holes to line it all up.

Don't forget to slide in the shims on the bottom two studs. (If you say what shims? You've missed them) Easy to do if the whole thing is covered in muck.

Last one I did one of the threads had gone. I re-cut it in situ. No probs.


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