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Drooping front bumper


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Some TR7s suffer from bumper droop, some do not.  Mine definitely shows the droop with the side returns pointing downwards, rather than running parallel with the wing trim and the ground.  (They look worse in 'real life than in the photo below).

Reading the Haynes manual and the Workshop manual it suggests that this should be an undo the bolts, position correctly and redo the bolts.

Is it that simple* or am I missing something? 

* Of course 'simple' may mean hours of cursing undoing bolts, trying to support the bumper in the right place etc, but in essence that sounds simple. 


Thoughts welcome



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Typical for the DHC, because of how the front bumper is mounted. The bumper acts as a harmonic damper to prevent scuttle shake (that's why there are these heavy weights at both ends of the bumper bar). And to enable the bumper to perform this task there are a central pivot point and rubber mounts between bumper bar and the cars body. And the rubber mounts have a tendency to deform with age or by parking accidents.

Not much you can do unless you want to fit the bumper solid as on the FHC

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