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Pressurising the rocker cover!!


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On the RBRR I noticed oil leaking from the rocker cover filler cap! I have bypassed the conventional breather arrangement (because of K&N filters) into a vented catch tank on the bulkhead. There is very little oil in the tank but lots over the engine  :-/ Has anyone else had this type of problem with a modified breather arrangement? The engine is mildly tuned and runs on 10w60 full synthetic oil. Do any of you racer types with tuned engines suffer with the same problem? I have checked the hoses on the breather and there are no blockages  :-/ I also find it strange that it hasn`t blown the cork gasket ?Any hints or tips on how to overcome this issue gratefully received as the oil costs £15 per litre!!! Thanks, Steve.

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The Silverbcak engine does the same -I thinkits the cap.
With the engine hot, take off the filler cap and rev it.
If there is a mighty rushing wind out of the filler aperture, you have excess blowby.
If only a slight breeze, or pulsing flow, you haven't.
The above points about blocked catch tank vents still apply, as any engine gets some blow by.

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