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If original it should represent a flaming torch.
The early ones did not have a mascot, they had a plain cap similar to the Roadster, the torch was added from  TDB (1950) models onwards together with the change in instruments and chassis layout
Dont ask me why a flaming torch, have no clue.

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It evokes an mental image in me of those early propaganda posters of Whathis name Cheremnykh or whatever Eisenstein made,
no political affiliation intended, I don't think that Black qualified for a party membership card.

In fact I must be the most a-political person you can meet, would not even know what tories are.

Anyhow, this is what they remind me off

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This is a fascinating mystery!     No offence, I hope, saltddirk!
Was this a Olympic (1948 ) remnant?   One for the archivists, I think.  Pity the TSSC msb isn't up - they are good on history.

The Torch as a symbol seems to be largely apolitical, used to signify the passing on of hope or enlightenment in many societies, and certainly not only in socialist ones - Thatcher's Torys and of course America's Statue of Liberty, which "lifts her lamp beside the Golden Door"!


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