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Does anyone have any advice on these issues, drivers side (RHD) pantograph wiper blade (top) points down toward the trim panel at bottom of the screen when parked and when  in use the bottom edge goes on to the A post, the pantograph doesn't appear to be  turning the blade enough, the fixings at the spindle are correctly fitted.

Also radiator is looking very tired now, upgrade items are expensive. Has anyone fitted an alternative off the shelf item. have seen a couple of possibilities.

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Have the same issue with one of my cars.
I glued some small rubber strips to the window surround and the wiper panel, to act as a stop.
That was well over 10 years ago. The strange thing is that often the wipers won't get that far  :-/

For the radiator I am on the wrong side of the pond I am afraid  :X

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Hi Beans, Thanks for the reply.

Managed to sort the wipers today, removed the spring, ground off the rivet holding the two parts together, drilled a new hole 6mm further down the arm, cut off 6mm inc the original spring hole and riveted it all back together using the old rivet hole for the spring, squeezed it in a vice and a fresh splash of paint.    It now sits at the same angle as the passenger side when parked and rises to parallel with the A post/screen surround.

Also I may have sourced a radiator, 1980's/90's alloy  Audi 2.0 item   looks to have the holes roughly in the right places and would provide greater cooling,  just needs a couple of mountings  and considerably cheaper than a TR7 upgraded item.

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I know how it feels, had a recent visit  to the axle stands due to gearbox failure, found a nice Sd1 Vitesse D suffix box, very handy as I have a  3.08 crown wheel and pinion ready to go in along with my own MGF rear disc conversion, so hopefully no more praying to the  God of handbrakes come MOT time.  

Also have a spare 3.08 /1 (37-12) CW&P if anyone is looking for a Christmas present for themselves,

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