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i have a herald 1360 and thinking of fitting an overdrive what type can i fit to my standard box it seems to be two types thay use  d and j .   i now i will need a shorter prop and a few other parts as well but  i am trying to fine out best type  and as strait foward job

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Not at all easy to fit an overdrive to a std gearbox, lots of bits needed. Best bet is a complete overdrive gearbox. A fair list of parts needed:
Overdrive gearbox
Correct propshaft to suit
rubber mount
mount plate
switch (either column or on the gearstick)
angle drive
Speedo cable
If you get a (spitfire 1500) j type overdrive you would also need a different clutch plate.

A secondhand overdrive conversion with a few new bits can cost from £200, and you may be lucky and the gearbox be OK. If buying from a trader with recon parts......you really don't want to know :'(

As to d type or j, j is a bit stronger, but either will work fine and not struggle in a herald. Just what turns up.

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D'type is easier as it uses the standard 1300 clutch. Also the 3-rail is a nicer gearchange & the Vitesse Non-OD 'may' fit.

J'Type will handle (lots) more power, but not really relevant to a 1300 engine.

ps MkIV Spitfire is the best. D'Type, synchro first and 3-rail!

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