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Starter motor 'meshing'


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I went to a small local show, on Saturday where, 2 cars up the line, was a Scorpio - the driver just happened to have bought my car in March of '97 as a basketcase. I was telling him about the starting problems - general consensus being there were more & more teeth getting broken on the flywheel..........he said that he told someone to fit the spacer with the starter motor - & that person never did! Now she has had the starter motor replaced with a new unit a few years ago but, as far as I know, there was no spacer fitted. 

From the research I've done, not only was there a spacer but, often, shims as well...

Can anyone confirm that this is likely to be the reason for the invariable 'click' when the key is turned; but she will then mostly start on the key when pushed forward an inch or two in top gear...........because, up until now, I've thought it to be an engine-out job & a replacement flywheel!  



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Well.......the starter motor 'bendix'? was totally crozzled & the teeth on the flywheel were all worn at an angle - some areas worse than others. (Have tried to upload a pic. but don't have enough years left on the calendar to persevere any more! 😒) What was interesting was that there WAS a spacer - but it was 0.4" whereas there is one 0.5" (now fitted!) Shims are available from Rimmers, apparently, but not got one as yet. There is scope for one, I think. The workshop manual has the tolerances - doing some research, I came across a thread about this & no lesser a luminary than Bill Davies, himself, referred to the manual to check & said 'how many people refer to a manual when they're fitting a starter motor....' - so if he was unaware, well, I would think quite a few people are risking premature wear on their starting mechanisms!

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