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Just been reading Ron's rear hub bit on the forum.

Is there a system in place where the club own a set of these CORRECT hub pullers for the use by members ??

I only mention it, as the Sunbeam Alpine Owners Club run such a sysyem and of interest this style of hub puller fits both Alpines and the relevent Triumphs.

Basically their loan system is as follows:

1. All you pay is the postage.
2. Available for 1x month FREE
3. £20 p/week after the 1st month (good reason for getting the job done within the month !!)
4. Deposit of £200 required + Membership number and current member status.
5. Deposit will be returned less postage - assuming item in satisfactory condition.
6. Normal wear and tear accepted.

It's a good system and it has had much use. Certainly cheaper than buying and will probably be used once only.

They run 2x sets; North & South of the country.

Just a thought.

Thanks & Merry Christmas.


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Sounds like an excellent idea to me! What about club members themselves doing something similar. For instance I have an engine crane not doing anything at the moment, plus a car roller for putting the car on its side. Things like that would have to be collected of course, but still cheaper than buying the stuff. Perhaps someone (I may volunteer, maybe, possibly, perhaps, with the bribe of enough Mars bars) could run a database of who's got kit that they wouldn't mind lending out and also co-ordinate the whole thing??

Does anyone have a hub puller they could lend out when the weather is better?


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This sort of thing is an excellent idea - I have kit that is grossly underused which I would make available PROVIDED I can be sure that it will come back in a reasonable time and in undamaged condition.  A bit of paint knocked off is no problem (they are tools after all) but physical damage is another thing.

Such things as an collapsible engine crane, extensive collection of pullers, transmission trolley jack (far superior and safer than the traditional standard trolley jack) for removing a gearboxes, cylinder bore ridge reamer, my 'Patent' cylinder head plane (for alloy head surfaces) and other large items if I put my mind to remembering them.  

Also smaller boxed items like exhaust pipe expander kit, proper Sykes Pickavant brake flaring tool (correct one for steel or cupro-nickel pipe), SP valve and valve seat refacing tool, strut spring compressors etc.etc. though I must admit I would prefer people came round and we/I did the job at my home with many of these.

Where I know people (Bristol/Wessex Group or contacts I have made) loans are not so risky but if I did this for 'strangers' I would prefer it to be part of a CT controlled thing for security.  Also I personally would prefer collection/return in person which as I live a bit out of the way in the Forest of Dean may make it less attractive.

Moderators would it not be a good idea to shift this thread to 'Technical Chit Chat' as this is really something for all Triumph marques.


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I note that you mentioned spring compresser and again the SAOC have this kit for loan - the deposit in this case is £100.

What makes this attractive to potential users / kit owners is the actual level of deposit which more than covers replacement should damage occur. It makes the borrower treat kit as their own and not a cheap hire which often ends up with the tool(s) being abused.

My belief is that 99.9% of club members of all clubs are decent people and disputes are rare. I have yet to hear of anything adverse in relation to the loan system.

Being a current member of the SAOC, I can vouch for the systems success.

Ron made a very good point in that, if the system was to "lift off" it would need correct co-ordination.

With the SAOC, it is currently the Secretary and Spares Officer who control their club system.

Should enough people show interest,  I think the system could be co-ordinated by use of a library system whereby you either reserve the item for future use or "the co-ordinator" can provide details as to whom may be able to assist in a local area OR via postage.

Like Ted, I also have kit which I would be willing to loan under a system as mentioned above.

Again, if the idea gets going - I would be willing to act as a co-ordinator with Ron, should Ron feel inclined to assist with the system.



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i have the correct hub puller and the addaptor for pulling the bearing and carrier off the rear Half shaft, again if anyone local to gatwick would like to use this F.O.C please feel free to contact me. collection in person (would need a deposit), or bring your half shaft with you.



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I would certainly be a 'co-ordinator' with heralddolly if the system could get off the ground. A simple database would suffice, I should think, with details of who has what available. Borrowers could be given the name of lenders and they could then deal direct with one another, wouldn't be much trouble at all.
What does the club think?

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