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The Swing axle hub is on a taper and extremely tight (if you look at Doug Foremans '3 wheels on my wagon' thread you'll see why this is mostly a good thing!).

The best (and pretty much the only) way is to beg, borrow or buy the proper churchill tool or copy of it (see pic) and use that.  Unless you have a nice big strong vice on a heavy bench you might want to leave the drive shaft on the car until the hub has loosened.

There are a few out there that just won't move (pulling the thread off all 4 wheel nuts is a strong hint) but that tool will get nearly all of them.

The hub on the rotoflex type rear end will usually come off with a decent 3 legged puller.



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Avaailable frorm the TSSC Club Shop (http://www.tssc.org.uk/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&page=shop.browse&category_id=631&Itemid=59), or  DiY plans at the Spitfire & GT6 magazine website in the USA.  Their site is not fully functional at present - I think they are about to transfer to a different server, but when they do, the DiY page should be in the 'How to...' or 'Mantainance' sections.


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