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Matt Neale

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One of the wheel studs has come loose from the rear hub.  How do I get back into place?!  I've tried to pull it into place by tightening up the wheel nut but it just spins and I can't get enough pressure on it to stop this happening.  I've ordered a new one as its a bit worn.  Is there a technique.  I can't face taking off the hub.

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It sounds like the splines have worn on the stud and possibly the hole in the hub and now theres no grip between them. Hopefully a new stud will be able to engage with them and lock in. With the wheel and drum removed I put the stud in place and then screw on the nut until it almost makes contact with the hub (you might need some sort of spacer if you come to the end of the threaded part) then I gently wiggle the stud/nut to get the splines engage before I do up the nut further to pull the stud into place. Once it is locked you can then undo the nut and reassemble everything as normal.
If you do end up taking off the hub, for example if the splines are too worn, you must use a proper puller and definitely not a 2 leg one as the hubs bend much easier than you would think.....

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