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Metalastik Rotoflex couplings

Chris Gordon

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Hi this is my first post, it was suggested that i post this message about rotoflex couplings from the tssc web site.

This is the e-mail from clive RE: the Metalstic Rotoflex couplings. |Hope this is helps  :)

The rotoflex couplings we intend to supply are to the original specification which were manufactured by Metalastik (who sold their patents and machinery to Trelleborg)

Trelleborg are not over keen to keep supplying this product but as long as demand is there and they have the machinery (they definitely have the skill, knowledge and machinery)

There is initially 1 batch (approx 90pcs, they have Metalastik on them) available at current prices approx £50.00 each plus vat.

They will not quote on future batches until a clear amount and usage is known.

This size of product was designed and only manufactured for Triumph.
Clive Cox
Bailey Morris Ltd
(Propshaft and Driveline Specialists)
I hope this clears up the issue of the quality of the parts.

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I wonder what the shelf life is on them.  The failure pathology is usually just that they get old, dried out, & crack-ridden.  The Metalastik couplings, that is.

So if you bought a bunch, put 2 on the car, & put the rest in a non-climate controlled storage building, would they just be at nearly the same stage of deterioration when replacement time came?

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