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Rotoflex suspension


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Quick question... Going to start building up my gt6 chassis in a couple of weeks. Have splashed out on a Canley CV conversion (lots of overtime..). Do I still need to get the  brackets to attach the dampers to the chassis, or is there no longer a clearance issue, ie, can I attach them straight to the chassis, non rotoflex style..?
Many thanks.

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Chassis is still completely stripped. Been painted & sealed. Came to a bit of a stop for a couple of months, while I hammered the overtime, so I could put a couple of big orders in with Canleys. Should hopefully be able to get a wheel on each corner within the next month...  :)
Sold the gt6 body tub on. Think the guy wanted the whole thing just for the webasto roof. Another overtime binge after Christmas should put me in a position to look for a Spitfire body in earnest.
Will try to load pics up, but not got a pc, & it keeps saying files too large...

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you need to reduce the size of the pictures before you post them on this site, I usually reduce them down to about 800x600 pixles which allows 2 or 3 pictures per post. Another  alternative is to post them full size on another site like photo bucket and link to them using the image command (little icon above the text when you are posting which looks a boit like a PC screen)...

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