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rotoflex to c.v joint?


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I am not aware of anyone actively selling a conversion although I know that Canley Classics are in the process of developing one.

I got fed up with rotoflexes last year for similar reasons to yours.  In fairness, real rotoflexes last quite well.  It's just that they not always easy (or cheap) to come by.

Conversions are out there.  Many of these are based on T2000 shafts.  My own home brewed solution ( on a MK2 Vitesse) uses an Escort outer CV joint and shaft with Volvo inner joint.  The Diff output flange has to be modified (or an adaptor made) and a fairly minor mod is needed on the hub.

So far its done around 1800 miles without incident.  The only difference is the absence of the that Rotoflex 'boing' effect, and I hope, endless reliability.

I did this conversion in a moderately equipped domestic garage (Mig welder, angle grinder, DTI kind of level) and had to enlist the aid of a machine shop for a couple of simple tasks.  Joints & shafts came from a breakers yard.

Can supply more details if you like.

Nick Jones
Somerset UK

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Yes, me too! Hello all, newbie to this site, although not to Heralds and Vitesses. I've been mulling this conversion over for a while; I'd like to know the intricacies of this job, and what the difficulties were etc. 

No hurry though, so don't stress; I have plenty more jobs to be getting on with before I'll get round to sorting the driveshafts.

Cheers, Russ

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Have any of you lot heard of the polybush version of the Rotoflexes? I think I read it in "Dolly Mixture" (the TDC mag) somewhere. Are Vitesse Rotoflexes the same as the ones used in the FWD cars? It might be better than a driveshaft conversion and certainly more cost-effective.

I'll try to find out some more about it.

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