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Sorting rear spring (Spit 1500)


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I've got a new one, now after a year of driving my wheels are now more straight and top of the wheels goes in a small bit now..
But i needed to put in a lowering block (1/2 i believe).

My friend his spring is also tired and he was maybe planning to do the same as me.   :)

Here is picture i took this summer ..

New spring vs old spring ... my back end was a lot higher !
It was on an oldtimer drive, i hit stuff with my low front and the red spit was hitting stuff at the back  ;D
Was a fun drive actually  :)

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6797 wrote:
Cheers Wim, did you get your spring from a UK supplier? What's the quality like?

I bought it at Rimmers at the time..
Quality.. well must say the side is nice at the back and the springs seems to settle a bit better now after 14.000 miles .
Noticed on pictures from a year ago the back was a bit higher and also the front (was it actually a bit to low now).

I know it was a bit of a pain to install the bolt that needs to go between the leaves (or i thing the leaf from the underside).
2 Man job, spring in a vice and 2 or 3 other big clamps ...  :o

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