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Moss 480 front springs


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        I have 480 springs on my herald but I do have height ajustable shocks and they wound almost to the top !
I have got a pair of spacers that I bought but I did  of use, I'll check what size they are and if you want to try them ,i'll send them to you
If you are popping down this way you can pick them up  

Just measured them,I make it  18mm on the receipt is sayes 11/16
They are from canleys

I have dodged the rain !!!!!
The length of compressed spring as fitted to my 1500 herald
Is near as damm it from bottom of bottom cup to the top of the top cup
800mm ----just over 7" in old money
Hope that helps

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reason i asked about hole, cos if its too small, the shocker body will hit it,
or, the piston tube will catch the sides when its deflected
or both.
if it does any of above, the thing WILL snap, where its joined to the top .

so before you actually put them on, put them in the top spring seat,and the spacer you made, and check there plenty of movement, as when on the car.

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