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wheels and tyres

Andy K.

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I have 185/60/13 on triumph 5 1/2 j steels

Rears are very tight on the arc,the fronts are, well as you can see

The wife has 185/60/14 on minilights

her fronts are not as bad as mine

I have rather uprated front suspension but the front tyres do rub when giving it large on bends.
The wife's car is bog standard and nothing rubs no matter how she drives.
I would take your wheels to the tyre shop and see what fits,if your buying 4 tyres I would have thought they would do a "fit one and see" you will either want 185 or 175

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Keep in mind that not all tyres are created equal. A pair of 185/60 by one company may not have the same shape and profile as another. Also these cars are all slightly different thanks to their tolerances and their wibbly wobbly nature. So keep in mind that what works for one person may not work for you.

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