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GT6 MK2 with revolution-wheels ?


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Hi, i am looking for an answer for my intension to fit 4 spoke revo´s at my GT6 MK2 ... Can anybody help me in this issue ? Does somewone have these wheel mounted at the car .? I would me happy for your help. as i am planning to get my GT6 at the road next time, and therefore i have to  convince the german TÃœV ..

Many thanks to the forum--

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I've got these new ones fitted on my Spitfire 1500, they came from Rimmerbros.
Don't know if that makes a difference...

The only problem is at the front..
The offset is a bit wrong, so they catch onto the top wishbones 🤔

So i fitted spacers and longer studs to fit them (for belgium spacers are illegal, so i need to change every year to the original wheels again..)

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I have got those wheels on my Spit MKIII, 175 tires and German TÃœV. As far as I know some folks have had clearance problems with the new Revos, which seem to have a different offset compared to the older type which I have.


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Hi G

I have them on my GT6 Mk2, supplied by Rimmers.

They do look lovely and I think particularly suit the Mk2.

The ET is 25mm, which is just too much and I have also had to fit thin spacers (about 5mm) to the fronts to get clearance on the top wishbone.

At the rear there are no clearance issues although the rim is close to bottom wishbone. It does make the rear track look a bit narrow and I am contemplating a wider spacer at the rear to compensate, which would ideally be a 'hubcentric' one, although I have not yet found a suitable off the shelf item, so may buy something thicker and get it turned down to suit.

By the way I have upgraded to M12 studs all round.

Hope this helps !



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