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Aftermarket TR6 wheels on Stag


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As far as I know, the steel original TR6 wheel will fit the big Saloons, so I'm guessing they'd fit a Stag too.

I was wanting to get some new wheels for my Stag once the body restoration gets done (need to start first!) and was wanting something other than the oh-so-common Minilite style.
One of the reasons for going up to 15" is the better availability of tyres.
Below is what I really want, but where I get them is still to be decided.


Can anyone who knows their wheely stuff confirm these will fit just fine?


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OK, that would probably mean I should get down to crunching numbers to figure out what is original and what is possible in regards to offsets and that other value I have conveniently forgotten the name of.

Thanks for info so far Colin.


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IMO it will be close (IIRC TR6s run ET19 offset).  Stags run an offset than bring the wheel closer inside the car (ET28 ).  On a tyre like 195/65R15 on ET19 it may be closer on the rear wheelarch lips but the camber change on the rear may allow you to run more offset than you think.

However with brand like Revolution I reckon you could go direct to Revolution yourself and get the offset you need :).

FWIW, my car on 6.5Jx15" ET33 wheels on 205/60R15 runs without any rubbing issues.  I reckon you could a little lower on the offset and still not catch the rear arches:

Elsewhere, a guy is running Performance Challengers on his Stag with an offset of ET7 on 7J wheels on 195/65R15s

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I bought some K & N Minators in TR6 fitment (Measured at ET08) thinking they would fit my Mk2 saloon.  They might just have done so but only with very skinny/low profile tyres.

In the end I sold them and got some similar with ET15 offset actually listed for MGB (the horror!), which do fit though still quite snug at the rear.

Strangely enough, Russell bought the original wheels for his TR6 but ended up fitting them on his Stag - Which I would have thought would have had the same problem as my saloon...... odd!


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